February 23, 2014

DSC_2433ACNE Studios has been on the receiving end of a lot of my hard earned money the past few years. My love for Swedish aesthetic obviously started with The Cardigans / Ace of Base at a young age, strengthened with IKEA and now has really dominated my life with ACNE (Ambition to Create Novel Expression). A few months ago, D and I were in the Quai Voltaire store in Paris and things just got out of hand. But we walked out of there with shopping bags in hand, smiles on our faces. If you only wear black like I do, then do yourself a favour and try on their black denim in a store near you. DSC_2441DSC_2439DSC_2434

    January 25, 2014

    HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Kung Hei Fat Choi! 農曆新年! For Chinese like myself and 888,800,000 bajillion other people around the world, this is our actual “new year”.  We normally spend a few days with our families where we do nothing but eat, gamble, eat, nap, eat and if you’re not married, you receive “lai see”, which are red packets with some $$$. If you ARE married, you have to give these red packets out to everyone. The photos in this post is not from Chinese New Year but it’s still delicious Chinese food. If you are not Chinese but have a Chinese friend that you’ve been meaning to “bro down” with, THIS WOULD BE A GOOD TIME to get that going. You’ll get to eat your face off and maybe get a red packet or two! 
    Keeping Warm in Undercover (jacket), Prada (gloves), Supreme (jeans) and Mark McNairy (shoes). Animated JPF Short Film by SUPERWOWOMG.

      January 22, 2014

      I don’t claim to be the most conscious or thoughtful shopper but I’m also not a complete jerk when it comes to doing some good while I burn my cash away. If there is something that is well made AND has an added “feel good” bonus, I’m all for it. A “feel good” bonus is like if you really like a t-shirt and then find out that half the proceeds will go to a charity. That’s a “feel good” purchase. Takes the guilt right off your shoulders and helps someone else (semi-selfish is better than completely selfish, right!?) Another “feel good” item one would be supporting something that is locally-produced within said community. This is why people normally enjoy shopping at the local farmers market (ahhhmmm….hippies). Anyways, I was recently traveling in Jakarta and decided to check out some retail with my buddies in Streething and Studio1212. They brought me to a great menswear store called OTOKO and I stumbled upon lots of BLUE. Uncle Chooee (Streething) explained to me about this great, local menswear brand called Bluesville, I got hooked…

      Bluesville is an apparel brand from Indonesia that make 100% genuine natural dyed clothing. They are particularly passionate in natural indigo as it gives richness in shades of blue. They source only the best Indigofera Tinctoria that is cultivated from different regions of Indonesia such as East Java, Toba and Flores. All the garments are also made with traditional wooden looms operated by local Indonesian artisans. This method results in more natural, lighter and softer fabric that can’t be replicated by modern looms. By supporting local traditional craftsmen, Bluesville helps reduce unemployment in those areas of Jakarta while making high quality Indonesian fabrics and also preserving the traditional weaving techniques that are centuries old. Natural Indigo Dobby BD Shirt

      The fabric was made using a dobby loom to create a cross and dots shaped pattern throughout the fabric. The shirt is then dip dyed into a dark natural indigo vat to create dark shade of indigo blue color. This classic Button Down collar shirt has a regular fitting and fastened with a genuine Mother of Pearl shell buttons. If you’re ever in Jakarta, Indonesia, you can get the latest Bluesville products at  OTOKO or purchase from Bluesville’s online shop.

      Fabric: Traditional Handwoven Dobby. 100% Cotton. Color: Dark Indigo.

        December 27, 2013

        They call it Boxing Day. We call it Thursday. Ate some amazing Singaporean toast with soft boiled eggs + soy sauce. Wearing my APC Bomber, J.Crew / Wallace & Barnes sweater (from Social Capital) / ACNE jeans / Starcow Paris beanie. Thank you to Social Capital + Fed for all the wonderful gifts from J.Crew and Herschel Supply. Here comes the weekend.

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