KAPOK has been featured on TOUGHLOVE a few times already. It was one of the first shops that I visited back in ’07 when they had their first store next to a mechanic in Tin Hua. I met Arnault and he sold me a Kistune cardigan. I’m happy to see how much Kitsune has grown since that time. Fast forward 7 years and KAPOK is now considered an “OG” of the indie boutiques in Hong Kong (and Southeast Asia). And with that growth, they’ve ventured into their own apparel. Releasing their first collection this year with a small collection of shirts. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the “CATALPA” chambray shirt with organic cotton and a nice oversized pocket. The whole collection is “made in Hong Kong” with a french touch. It’s perfect for the summer weather here in Shanghai. Excited to add it to my collection.

Now available in kapok on sun street & st francis yard, kapokTOOLS in harbour city & k11 and on www.ka-pok.com

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